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Kentucky Performance Standards

Kentucky Teacher Standards
Adopted by the EPSB and effective beginning February 2008. These standards replace the Beginning (New) Teacher Standards and the Experienced Teacher Standards.

Environmental Education Standards
Adopted by the EPSB March 2004

Guidance Counseling Program Standards
Adopted by the EPSB January 2005

IECE Standards
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Birth to Primary adopted by the EPSB January 1995 - Revised March 2003.

ISLLC Standards (.pdf)
Adopted by the EPSB November 5, 1998. These standards replace the Administrator Standards previously adopted by the board. The Educational Leadership Policy Standards:
ISLLC 2008, as adopted by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA) revised in 2008.

Dispositions, Dimensions, and Functions for School Leaders (.pdf)
Adopted by the EPSB May 19, 2008. These dispositions and functions are adapted from the Kentucky Cohesive Leadership System Continuum for Principal Preparation and Development.

School Safety Standards (.doc)
Adopted by the EPSB November 2003

School Social Work Standards (.pdf)
Adopted by the EPSB November 2002

TSSA Standards (.pdf)
Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA) standards adopted by the EPSB August 18, 2003

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