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The Division of Educator Preparation ensures that preparation programs for Kentucky educators meet established standards of quality. It facilitates the accreditation process, reviews programs and continuous assessment materials, and provides technical assistance for program improvement. It also coordinates the review of university-based alternative route to certification programs and is responsible for emergency program review. The Division of Educator Preparation also manages the Cooperating Teacher Payment Program which provides financial compensation for Kentucky teachers who supervise student teachers.

The EPSB Teacher Preparation Dashboard provides information regarding institutional selectivity of candidates, the performance of candidates on required new teacher assessments, the percent of candidates who achieve full certification in Kentucky, and the results of surveys of candidates and their supervisors regarding the effectiveness of the candidate's preparation. The DDB can be found by selecting this link: EPSB DDB.

Click here to go to the EPSB Data Dashboard


Contact the Division of Educator Preparation:

Dr. Ben Boggs, Division Director -

Allison Bell -

  • Educator preparation program approval
  • Educator preparation program accreditation

Dianna Carr - 

  • Educator preparation program reviews
  • Edmodo Cooperating Teacher Part A Training Certificates

Lauren Graves -

  • Admission and Exit reporting
  • CAEP Annual Report
  • Cooperating Teacher Training, Part A (Edmodo)
  • Title II
  • Assigns rights and roles for the Admission and Exit system and KFETS

Cathy Jackson -

  • Student teaching placements
  • Cooperating Teacher payments
  • University contact lists, assign roles and rights for student teaching placement application

Rich Miller -

  • Development of the program approval online system
  • PARC Liaison

Eve Proffitt -

  • Senate Bill 1 Unbridled Learning

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