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KTIP IECE Task Template Instructions

1. Please read this instruction page first. The KTIP IECE Task Template links are located at the bottom of this page.

2. The KTIP IECE Task Templates are organized so that each task will open separately. Open the task you want, save the task to your computer, and give it an appropriate name.

3. As you begin entering information on a template, please remember that where the prompt calls for a longer response, the text box will expand as you enter your text. You must begin typing in the gray box.

4. Remember to save your work.

Template Links:

Task A-1
Task A-2
Task C
Task D
Task E (2 pages)
Kentucky IECE Teacher Standards Self-Assessment
Task F
Task G
Task H
Task I
Task J-1
Task J-2

Contact the EPSB Regarding Internship

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