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Alternative Route Certificates Reports
Emergency Certificates Reports
KEPP Report Card
Highly Qualified Teacher Reports
National Board Certified Teacher Reports

Probationary Certificates Reports


Open Records & Data Requests

All open records/data requests must be submitted to the EPSB in writing in person, via facsimile or US Mail and include: the date, exact information requested, return address, phone number, requestor name legibly printed and signature. Requests can be sent to:

(502) 564-7080 - Fax


100 Airport Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Attention: Records Custodian

Contact the EPSB Open Records Custodian


EPSB Research Reviews & Surveys

Research reviews developed by EPSB staff are provided as an informational service only. Placement of a research report on this site does not necessarily imply that the conclusions or recommendations of the report represent an official position of the Education Professional Standards Board.

Research Reviews


Documents Incorporated By Reference


Contact the EPSB Research Representative

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