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Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification

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The Kentucky General Assembly, under KRS 161.048, has enacted alternative routes to teacher and administrator certification for persons who have demonstrated exceptional work and/or educational experiences. The Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) is the state agency that establishes standards and procedures for the alternative route options. The EPSB provides technical assistance to qualifying individuals who have potential as educators in Kentucky schools, to local boards of education, and to institutions of higher education in implementing these options.

Option 1: Exceptional Work Experience Certification
Option 2: Local District Training Program Certification
Option 3: College Faculty Certification
Option 4: Adjunct Instructor Certification
Option 5: Veterans of the Armed forces
Option 6: University-Based Alternative Route to Certification
Option 7: Institute Alternative Route to Certification
Option 8: Teach for America (TFA) Alternative Route to Certification

FAQ about Alternative Certification

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