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Q. How do I apply for a Kentucky teaching certificate?
A. Kentucky certification is based upon the completion of a 4-year teacher preparation program that includes student teaching and testing when applicable. Kentucky requires a recommendation from the certification official at the college/university (where the applicant completed his/her initial teacher preparation program, student teaching) regarding the specific teacher preparation program completed, grade level, degree level, and completion date of the program.

ALL applicants must submit the following for certification:

  • A completed CA-1 application form
  • Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate coursework
  • Verification by the Superintendent or Personnel Director of full-time classroom teaching experience at the appropriate grade level(s) (Section 2 of CA-1)
  • Passing Praxis II Specialty Area test scores for EACH area of certification (if less than two years of appropriate full-time teaching experience) and the Principles of Learning and Teaching test score for appropriate grade range
  • Verification of completion of teacher preparation program from the preparing college or university (Section 4 of CA-1)
  • A $50 money order or certified check made payable to the "Kentucky State Treasurer" or applicants may also use EPSB "E-Pay" online payment service to pay certification fees once the completed application has been mailed.

Q. I was trained out-of-state. How do I apply for a Kentucky teaching certificate?
Out-of-state applicants must have completed a state approved teacher preparation program at a regionally accredited educator preparation institution or a state-approved alternative training program. In addition, candidates must comply with the state ancillary requirements such as GPA, testing and internship.
Testing requirements will be waived for out-of-state applicants who hold a valid certificate and have completed two (2) years of teaching in the subject area and grade level on their certificate.
All out-of-state applicants MUST:

  • Request and complete a CA-1 application
  • Forward this application to your college for the completion of Section IV on page 5 of the CA-1 application
  • Submit a certified check or money order in the amount of $50.00 made payable to the "Kentucky State Treasurer" or applicants may also use EPSB "E-Pay" online payment service to pay certification fees once the completed application has been mailed.
  • Submit passing Praxis II Specialty Area test scores for EACH area of certification and the Principles of Learning and Teaching test score for the appropriate grade range (if less than two years of appropriate full-time teaching experience.)
  • Have Section II completed by your superintendent, if you have out-of-state teaching experience
  • Submit a copy of your out-of-state teaching certificate

Have OFFICIAL transcripts of all college and graduate coursework sent to:
Division of Certification
Education Professional Standards Board

100 Airport Road, 3rd Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601

NOTE:  Kentucky does NOT recognize teaching credentials which were gained in another state only by the passage of an assessment, and applicants must meet the requirements of KY regulations regarding out-of-state preparation as seen at: 16 KAR 4:030

Q: Does Kentucky have full reciprocity regarding teaching certification?
A.Reciprocity is a term often used when educators need to transfer their certification from one state to another. This does not mean, however, that a state with “reciprocity” will automatically grant the same certification as was held in another state, since each state has its own special requirements. Kentucky is part of the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement*; therefore, the state accepts recommendations from teacher preparation programs from state-accredited colleges and universities in many states. Cases are evaluated on an individual basis. In general, Kentucky does not recognize certificates which have been granted by testing only.

*The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement aids candidates in gaining information on what the various state requirements are from state-to-state.  It may be viewed at:  The NASDTEC credential “stages” are shown below in types of KY teaching credentials: 
Stage 1-Temporary Provisional certificate (issued for alternate route candidates only)
Stage 2- Statement of Eligibility (issued for all completers of an approved teacher education program)
Stages 3, 4 & 5- Professional Certificate

Q. What is recency?
A. An applicant for initial Kentucky certification must have prepared as a teacher within the five years preceding the application or completed a minimum of six semester hours of graduate credit within the five years preceding application. Applicants who have completed an approved Fifth-Year program (Rank II) and who have two successful years of teaching experience within the last 10 years are exempt from the six hours. For applicants who do not meet the recency requirements, the certificate is issued for a one-year period with the condition that six semester hours of graduate credit be completed by September 1 of the year of expiration.

Q. I was trained out-of-country. How do I apply for a Kentucky teaching certificate?
A. Applicants with foreign training must meet the same academic requirements as applicants trained in the United States and submit the documentation listed below. A course-by-course evaluation MUST also be submitted from one of the approved evaluation agencies indicating that the foreign degree(s) meet(s) the following criteria:

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree teacher preparation program which includes a sequence of professional education courses
  • Practice teaching or student teaching component
  • A cumulative 2.5 grade point average or 3.0 on the last 60 hours of coursework
  • Copy of foreign teaching credential
  • A teaching area recognized by Kentucky as an area of certification
  • Approved Credential Evaluation Agencies. In addition to the approved agencies seen via the link below, EPSB also recognizes course-by-course evaluations conducted by AACRAO-American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Click Here for a List of Approved Evaluation Agencies

Q. How do I renew my certificate?
A. Through the years, the Education Professional Standards Board and its predecessors made changes to the types of certificates issued. Specific renewal requirements for most certificates are listed on the reverse side of your certificate. After 1985, the state stopped issuing lifetime certificates and required that certificates be renewed every five years. If you hold one of the 5-year certificates, these are the requirements:

  • First 5-year renewal: 15 graduate hours or half of CEO requirements
  • Second 5-year renewal: Completion of an approved Master’s degree or an approved Fifth Year program (32 graduate hours) or completion of CEO requirements
  • Subsequent 5-year renewals: Three years of classroom teaching during the last 5-year period of the certificate OR six semester hours of additional graduate credit

Educators may also complete Rank I and additional certifications as part of the renewal requirements.

To renew a certificate, complete a CA-2 (.pdf) renewal application and obtain:

  • The signature of the superintendent verifying your three years of teaching experience OR
    an OFFICIAL transcript of the courses you have completed for renewal and the recommendation from the college of education official (if applicable).

Q. My Statement of Eligibility has expired, and I have not completed an internship. What should I do?
You have two options to re-qualify for a Statement of Eligibility, an applicant must complete a CA-2 (.pdf) renewal application AND successfully complete the specialty tests (PRAXIS II) in EACH certification field you are seeking. You MUST successfully complete the tests that are required at the present time and meet the passing scores currently in effect. You can get information about the tests at or by phoning Educational Testing Service (ETS) at (609) 771-7395. You can request ETS to submit an official copy of recent scores (less than five years old) to the Education Professional Standards Board. If you complete your testing in Kentucky and provide your social security number on the test administration forms, the scores automatically come to this office and you will not have to request that scores be sent to the EPSB;


take six semester graduate hours towards completion of the master's degree or planned fifth-year program. This option is ONLY available to you once for renewal of the statement. Have the college or university submit an OFFICIAL transcript of the six graduate credits you have completed for renewal.

Q. What is the status of my application?
A. It takes approximately two weeks to process an application. All applicants with incomplete applications will receive correspondence from the Division of Certification regarding materials received and items required for completion of the application process.

Q. How do I request a copy of my current certificate?
A. You may request two additional copies of a VALID certificate by sending in a completed CA-2 application AND a $25 fee. DO NOT SEND PERSONAL CHECKS OR CASH. You MUST send a certified check or money order made payable to "Kentucky State Treasurer" or applicants may also use EPSB "E-Pay" online payment service to pay certification fees once the completed application has been mailed. PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE RETURNED.

Q. What do I need to do to add areas to my certificate?
A. Kentucky issued certification is generally added based upon completion of an approved certification program. You need to contact a Kentucky college or university. An advisor will evaluate your transcript and outline a curriculum contract listing specific coursework needed. Since each college or university has its own requirements, and Kentucky uses standards-based preparation, you may want to contact several institutions.  Under certain conditions, experienced Kentucky teachers may add an additional CORE CONTENT area certification or extend the grade level of such a certificate.  Details on this method may be found at:

Click Here for a List of Available Certifications

Q. Can I send you a photocopy of my test scores?
A. No. ETS MUST send an official report of your test scores or your college or university may verify your scores on the TC-1 application form.

Q. Can I get a copy of my test scores?
A. Yes. Scores which are five years or older can be requested from the EPSB in writing, by fax, US Mail or in person with a signed letter of request sent to the EPSB with detailed instructions and addresses of where to send them. Contact the EPSB Open Records Custodian

Q. Can I get a lifetime certificate?
A. No. Lifetime certificates were last issued in 1985.

Q. How can I request and obtain an application packet?
A. You can request an application packet by email at: EPSB Certification.

Q. What tests do I need to take to become a teacher?
A. Praxis

Q. What is the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program?
A. Internships

Q. What is re-issuance?
A. If a certificate has lapsed as a result of the applicant's failure to meet the renewal requirements, the certificate shall be reissued at a later date for a one year period if the applicant completes at least six semester hours of graduate credit applicable towards the master's degree or planned fifth-year program.

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