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Assessment Requirements Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effective date of my Statement of Eligibility or Certificate?
This is governed by 16 KAR 4:050.

Do the assessments have to be passed before an individual can receive the Statement of Eligibility?
Yes. Prior to receiving a Statement of Eligibility, an applicant must have a passing score on all assessments required in each content area for which certification is requested.

How long are my test scores valid?
Scores on tests completed more than five years prior to application for certification shall not be acceptable.

Who will receive the test results?
Educational Testing Service (ETS), the agency that administers the PRAXIS tests, permits an examinee to designate three score recipients. Examinees completing the test(s) outside the state of Kentucky must designate the Education Professional Standards Board (R7283) as one of the score recipients in order for the application for certification to be processed. The examinee also receives a copy of the scores. Additional reports may be obtained from ETS for an additional fee.

What are the fees?
Each assessment has a fee that is paid to ETS. The Registration Bulletin contains the fees for each assessment. The EPSB does not receive any portion of this fee.

Are special conditions available for the disabled?
Kentucky administers tests according to the policies prescribed by ETS concerning special conditions and arrangements for disabled individuals.
To obtain information and registration materials, visit The Praxis Series Website, or contact you Office of Disability Services or phone/mail/fax ETS:

1-866-387-8602 - U.S., U.S. Territories, and Canada
1-609-771-7780 - all other locations
Monday - Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm EST



ETS-The Praxis Series
Disability Services
PO Box 6054
Princeton, NJ 08541-6054

What if I come from another state?
Candidates eligible for a Kentucky teaching certificate through interstate agreements with other states shall successfully complete all tests required for all content areas for which certification is requested. Two years of appropriate teaching experience outside Kentucky will waive the test and internship requirements.

Whom do I contact regarding requirements for School Psychologist?
Contact Norma Andrade, Division of Certification